Youth Addiction

Addiction wreaks havoc on bodies and minds, tears families apart, and derails young people’s futures. Ray of Hope is committed to helping youth struggling with addiction to learn healthy alternatives and coping strategies so that they and their families can reclaim a healthy, productive life free from addiction.

We work with every family to build a treatment plan that meets their unique needs. Learn more about our youth addiction programs below.

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Learn More About

Community-Based Treatment

Day Treatment

Residential Treatment

Support for Parents

NeurOptimal Neurofeedback

Community-Based Treatment

This is a highly individualized program for youth, aged 12 and up, who:


To learn more about Community-Based Treatment,
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Day Treatment

The Day Treatment program is for youth aged 13 and up who:
Need structured support to overcome addiction, but who don’t need (or are not ready to consider) the more intensive support offered in a residential program.

Participants learn healthy ways to cope with cravings, triggers, and personal challenges. They attend on-site schooling and develop life skills that help them forge a new path towards a life free from addiction.

Once they’ve completed the Day Treatment program, youth are invited to participate in Ray of Hope’s Community-Based Treatment Program for continued support.

To learn more about Day Treatment,
Call us at 519-743-2311;
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Residential Treatment

Residential Treatment is offered at Ray of Hope’s 6-bed residence in downtown Kitchener. This program is for males aged 13 to 20, from anywhere in Ontario, who: 

Participants work with Ray of Hope’s dedicated staff to create a recovery plan tailored to their unique needs, including peer support, counselling, coping and life skills development, recreation, and spiritual care. Community involvement is an integral part of the program, and youth participate in volunteer work and 12-Step meetings. They also build a solid foundation for the future by earning academic credits

To learn more about Residential Treatment,
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Support for Parents

Are you a parent or caregiver raising a teen who is struggling with addictions? Need the support to better help yourself and your teen?

Our amazing Community-Based Treatment (CBT) team is committed to providing virtual support during this challenging time!

Parents/guardians are integral to each youth’s path to recovery. Parents attend regular sessions and monthly family meetings with a Ray of Hope caseworker. Even if their child isn’t actively in treatment, Ray of Hope is there for parents.

Parents/guardians learn how to support their children through recovery, and get support of their own. They receive:

To learn more about supports for parents
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NeurOptimal Neurofeedback

NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback brain training is a wellness resource designed to help promote a flexible and resilient mindset, and a brain able to function to its natural potential. NeurOptimal neurofeedback provides the brain real time feedback, allowing the brain to optimize its mindset. Many Ray of Hope clients who have used it have reported improvements in their ability to cope associated with their use of NeurOptimal neurofeedback.  It is offered by Ray of Hope on a fee for service basis.  Check with our staff to learn if you qualify for a fee subsidy.


To learn more about NeurOptimal Neurofeedback
Call us at 519-743-2311;
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Assessment and Referrals

Our staff are fully trained in the assessment tools required for
referrals to all publicly-funded youth residential addiction treatment programs in Ontario. If you (or your child) need an assessment, give us a call at 519-743-2311 or visit the links available at the top of this page.

YSS- Confidentiality Agreement

Ray of Hope is committed to ensuring your information is kept confidential. Please visit the link above to learn more.

Success Stories

Hundreds of lives turned around!


Youth were supported
through recovery
at our Residential
Treatment Home*


Youth in the
community got
practical and
emotional support
to beat addiction*


Parents and family
members of
addicted youth
received support.**

*In 2019-2020

Read “My Journey to Sobriety”, a personal story from one of our youth.

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