Youth Addiction

Addictions and substance abuse wreck minds, bodies and relationships. Ray of Hope helps young people learn healthy alternatives and coping strategies so that they and their families can live a life free from addiction.

Read “My Journey to Sobriety”, a personal story from one of our youth.

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Community-Based Treatment

This is a highly individualized program for youth, aged 12 and up, who:

Community-Based Treatment provides:

Our staff are fully trained in the assessment tools required for referrals to all publicly-funded youth residential addiction treatment programs in Ontario.  If you (or your child) need an assessment, give us a call at 519-743-2311.
If you wish to contact Youth Addiction Services via fax, please use their private fax line: 519-743-6206

Day Treatment

The Day Treatment program is for youth aged 13 and up who need structured support to overcome addiction and substance abuse, but who don’t need (or are not ready to consider) more intensive support offered in a residential program. Participants:

We strongly encourage parents/guardians to connect regularly with our staff and to be active participants in monthly progress evaluations with their child. This level of involvement creates an open dialogue with staff and youth about the progress they are making.

Once they’ve completed this program, youth are invited to participate in Ray of Hope’s Community-Based Treatment Program for continued support.

Residential Treatment

YA ResidenceResidential Treatment is offered at Ray of Hope’s residence in downtown Kitchener. This program is for males aged 13 and up, from anywhere in Ontario. Participants:

It generally takes four to six months for youth to physically recover from the impact of substance abuse and to accomplish their initial goals, and for families to rebuild their relationships to the point where the youth is welcomed home.

Residential treatment is just one step in finding a happy, successful life, and on-going support afterwards is strongly encouraged. Once they’ve completed this program, youth are welcome to join the Community-Based Treatment Program or Day Treatment Program for continued support.

Distance to our Residence:
Barrie: 2 hours
Downtown Toronto: 90 min
Hamilton: 60 min
South Cambridge/North Waterloo: 30 min
London: 75 min
Sarnia: 2.5 hrs
Windsor: 3 hrs

Support for Parents

Parents/guardians are a vital component of each youth’s treatment plan and are required to attend regular sessions and monthly family meetings with a Ray of Hope case worker.

Parents/guardians receive:

To learn more about our youth addictions programs, please contact us at 1-519-743-2311