Youth Justice

Responsibility, self-care, and self-confidence. These are just some of the lessons young people learn in our custody, youth reintegration, and alternative education programs. With support from Ray of Hope staff, their parents or guardians and community professionals, young offenders and youth at risk have a chance to redirect their lives.

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Custody Programs
Youth Reintegration Program
Alternative Education Services


Secure Custody, For Ages 12 to 17

Our Secure Custody facility offers a safe place for young people who have committed serious crimes to complete their court-appointed sentences.


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Youth Reintegration Program

Our Youth Reintegration Program helps young men and women who have served time in a custody facility transition back into the community and start a new chapter of their lives.


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Alternative Education Services

Education is the cornerstone to a fulfilling, productive life. Too often, vulnerable youth fall out of the traditional education system. In cooperation with the Waterloo Regional District School Board, Ray of Hope offers a non-traditional approach to education for youth struggling through personal challenges, truancy, or criminal activity, letting them pursue their education in a way that works for them.


Alternative Education Programs

Transition Program
Our Transition Program is designed for youth who have served time in a custody facility and are getting ready to transition back into the community. The Transition Program helps youth earn credits toward their high school diploma as well as complete any partial credits which may have been earned during their time in custody.

Truancy Program
Young people facing a charge or breach of truancy face a tough choice – they can either go to jail or attend community school. Ray of Hope provides a positive alternative. Our Truancy Program offers a holistic approach to change, providing youth with education, skills training, and counselling in areas that directly impact their school attendance.

Referral Process

Staff at custody facilities, probation officers and members of the School Board partner with a Ray of Hope Community Care Worker to decide if a student is a good candidate for our Alternative Education Programs. Each student must willingly commit to the program and we ask that their families agree to assist them.

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Success Stories


Youth placed in our Secure Custody Facility.*


Youth at our Open and Secure Custody facilities benefited from addiction recovery support groups**)*


Of youth at our Open Custody facility benefited from chapel programs (Bible studies, chaplain’s breakfast, chapel time).

*In 2019-2020 **In 2018-2019

Dave’s Story

“He came out of his shell while with us, gained new life skills, and created a vision for his future.”

~John Murray, Chaplain


Read how Dave turned his life around at Ray of Hope here.

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