Youth Justice

Responsibility, self-care, and self-confidence. These are just some of the lessons young people learn in our custody, youth reintegration, and alternative education programs. With support from Ray of Hope staff, their parents or guardians and community professionals, young offenders and youth at risk have a chance to redirect their lives.

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Secure Custody, For Ages 12 to 17

Our Secure Custody facility offers a safe place for young people who have committed serious crimes to complete their court-appointed sentences. Participants:

Open Custody & Detention,
For Ages 12 to 17

In our Open Custody facility, youth receive guidance and support as they carry out their court-appointed sentences and re-enter society. Participants:

Programs Offered In
Custody Facilities

To learn more about Secure Custody,
please contact us at 1-519-634-8883

To learn more about Open Custody,
please contact us at 1-519-741-8881

Youth Reintegration Program

Our Youth Reintegration Program helps young men and women who have served time in a custody facility transition back into the community. Participants:

To learn more about our Youth Integration Program,
please contact us at 1-519-578-8018

Alternative Education Services

In cooperation with the Waterloo Regional District School Board, Ray of Hope offers a non-traditional approach to education for youth struggling through personal challenges, truancy, or criminal activity. Participants:


To learn more about Alternative Education Services,
please contact us at 1-519-342-1993